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Do I need to treat my fence panels ?

Fence treatment is an essential element to keeping your wooden fence run looking like new, with the added benefit of extending its working life.

Applied to the surface of the wood annually, fence treatment should be a regular job to keep your garden looking great.

Proper care of your timber fence will help to avoid the natural deterioration of the wood by removing algae and surface films which can build up on fencing over time after exposure to moisture and UV rays.

Fence treatments stabilise and protect the wood during its first 12 months of weathering by penetrating the surface and protecting it from excess moisture. The special formula also allows wood pores to open naturally which is an important factor in preventing warping.

These products also help to minimise any splitting, cracking and cupping due to the damaging effects of the sun and rain. Fence treatment is colourless unless otherwise stated in the product descriptions and are extremely easy to use. And because they minimise the greying and weathering process of the wood, they prepare it for re-coating with a stain or paint if desired.

After 6-12 months of weathering our Cuprinol product provides a sound surface for paint, wood stain or other finishes to be applied to.
Because of its structure, fence treatments can be easily applied to both vertical or horizontal surfaces. And of course many of these products can also be suitable for use on garden decks, cladding, gates and unfinished outdoor furniture in Pine, Spruce, Cedar or other softwoods.



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