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Bespoke, Made-To-Measure, Custom Service

We understand that "standard", off-the-shelf products may not always be the exact size or shape that you require. That's why we off a bespoke service, using our in-house timber workshop, so that you can get precisely what you want. And just in case you're not sure what "bespoke" means, it means you can get made-to-measure, or custom-made items, to your own specifications.

Below are more details about the main products we can customise for you...

Bespoke Timber Fence Panels

We appreciate that some customers require non-standard size timber fence panels, whether as replacements for existing timber fence panels, or new ones. We offer an in-house "Made-To-Measure" service in our timber workshop, for an additional charge. This ensures that your timber fence panels are a perfect fit. Just come in or contact us to find out more: CONTACT US

Bespoke Timber Garden / Entrance Gates

We have a range of standard-sized timber garden gates, but if you need to fit one to an existing non-standard width space, or want something custome made (in height and/or width), that's no problem. Our in-house timber workshop can make what you need. Just come in or contact us to find out more: CONTACT US

Bespoke Sheds & Garden Buildings

We can design and manufacture custom, made-to-measure timber garden buildings & sheds, usually based around one of our standard designs. In fact, most of our timber buildings are bespoke in some way, whether it's going to be used as a shed, office, studio, workshop, summerhouse, corner summerhouse, playhouse, stables, or for any other purpose, such as a storage building.

The design of a customised shed or timber building starts with understanding the intended use and proposed site. We then develop the timber building design with you:

  • Different shape to suit a plot of land
  • To fit around existing buildings
  • One room or multiple rooms
  • Window design and number
  • Single or Double glazed windows
  • Incorporate an upstairs or a loft area
  • Multi-level for a hillside location
  • Combination building e.g. combined greenhouse and shed
  • Insulated double wall structure
  • Electrical installation to support equipment to be used
  • Internal storage, e.g. cupboards, boxes, shelves
  • Brick or concrete lower section, timber upper section
  • Open sections, as in animal houses, stables, dog kennels and chicken runs.

We will manufacture to the agreed building design, then erect the building for you (or supply it flat-pack, if you prefer). In most cases, preparation of the location will be required before we deliver. Just come in or contact us to find out more: CONTACT US


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