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Bespoke Sheds & Custom Sheds

Bespoke Sheds & Custom Sheds

Our business has developed into designing and manufacturing bespoke timber buildings and custom sheds, usually based around one of our standard designs.

In fact most of our buildings are bespoke in some way whether it be a shed, office, studio, workshop, summerhouse, corner summerhouse (see below), playhouse, stables or for any other use such as a play area building (see below).

Totally bespoke timber buildings are our speciality. The shed design, or timber building design starts with understanding the intended use and site. We then develop the timber building design with you:

  • Different shape to suit a plot of land
  • To fit around existing buildings
  • One room or multiple rooms
  • Window design and number
  • Single or Double glazed windows
  • Incorporate an upstairs or a loft area
  • Multi-level for a hillside location
  • Combination building e.g. combined greenhouse and shed
  • Insulated double wall structure
  • Electrical installation to support equipment to be used
  • Internal storage e.g. cupboards, boxes, shelves
  • Brick or concrete lower section, timber upper section
  • Open sections, as in animal houses, stables, dog kennels and chicken runs.

We will manufacture to the agreed building design, then erect the building. In most cases preparation of the location will be required before we deliver, please read our groundworks page.

  Bespoke Play Area Buliding    Potting shed to brick base

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