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Lanlee Supplies Ltd Environmental Policy

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At Lanlee Supplies Ltd we believe that we have a responsibility to our customers, suppliers and employees, to base our commercial activities on sustainable resources.

We recognise that timber, as a building material, is a truly renewable source when properly managed. To that end we have achieved FSC® certification (FSC®-C109654) for a range of timber products we sell, supporting the growth of responsible forestry worldwide

We recognise that all the activities of our company or an individual have some impact on the environment. We aim to reduce this impact through an environmentally sound framework.

In order to achieve this, the company will: -


  • Work with our suppliers to ensure our purchasing promotes sustainable forestry.
  • Where possible we will only source FSC or PEFC products
  • Minimise the consumption of resources.
  • Minimise the effects of our business on the environment.
  • Minimise waste, and, where waste is generated, reuse, recycle, or dispose of it responsibly.
  • Work with our customers and develop the best environmental practises associated with the use and disposal of our products.
  • Develop a support structure to foster a sense of responsibility for the environment in our staff.
  • Achieve a balance between our economic, social, and environmental responsibilities.
  • Install a programme of continuous measurement and improvement of our environmental performance.

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