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For many years, Lanlee have serviced the local agricultural, fencing contractor and general trade customer, and we are grateful for their continued support and business. Through years of listening to our customer requirements, and the natural organic expansion of our product range, we are now able to service a multitude of diverse trade customers with suitable solutions and enviable service levels.

What's It All About Then?

In hard times, value for money is an obvious priority but price alone does not always represent true value for money. The other key attributes to consider are:

  • Stock Availability
  • Quality Of Service
  • Supplier Reliability
  • Convenience
  • Fair Pricing

We feel one of the most important attributes is "convenience" and this is the main reason we are highlighting the available benefits of the Lanlee Online Trade Area.

The following benefits include:

1. Project Pricing

In addition to your agreed trade discounts, we can work with you on those larger value projects, contracts or opportunities, which can be negotiated separately.

2. See your own personal pricing

When you have registered online you will be able to access all stock items which will be displayed at your actual trade discounted prices. This is also beneficial to your customer service levels as you can advise the customer to visit our site, view a selection of products you recommend, but they can only see the retail price. It also simplifies your quoting process as it clarifies your true costs.

3. View Real Time Accurate Stock Levels

Through your own login you will have total visibility of accurate realtime stock levels twenty four hours a day. That can be a major benefit to you, if, for example, you have a specific requirement for an item and there is only one showing as 'available' in stock on the website. If you place your order online, the available stock you require will be allocated immediately to your account.

4. Keep Track Of All Your Orders

The Lanlee online system offers access to all your transactional information, orders you have placed and received, including back orders. It also lets you see what products you have bought in the past, what you paid for them etc. An added bonus is this information is real time and can be accessed from any smart phone making accurate speedy quotations possible anytime or anywhere.

5. Order goods on-line

With accurate visibility of available stock and your actual cost prices, this time saving function offers you the confidence to place your orders on line, and with the Lanlee delivery service you could even arrange to have your orders delivered to site.


There are other obvious benefits available from accessing the Lanlee Trade Area and, with no charge whatsoever for this service, why not give it a try. If you feel you need any additional information, or you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact our sales department who will be only to happy to assist.




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