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Seconds 5.1mx146x28mm DECKING BOARD (WHEN AVAILABLE)

Seconds 5.1mx146x28mm DECKING BOARD (WHEN AVAILABLE)

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Item Price (GBP)
£18.00 inc. VAT
£15.00 exc. VAT
Available: 3
Barcode: N/A

Further Information

These DECKING BOARDS are a few remaining from a standard pack and are what's left after customers have picked the best, so we have reduced them to this bargain price to clear them.
If you would like to buy them all we may do them cheaper. They may have some damage or knots.
We suggest that you inspect them before you buy, or contact us for an up to date picture of the actual stock.
Please send an email to:

Ideal if your looking for a cheap Deck, allthough they are not A1 condition, they still have plenty of uses and life in them, and the price reflects that.

Customers have used these for fishing platforms, making planters, gravel board at the bottom of a fence, path edging, raised vegatable/flower beds.

If Stock is showing as Zero then please contact us and we can check availability

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