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Since the EEC legislation banning the use of CCA preservative and chrome, it is generally considered the market has struggled to find a suitable replacement. Having read both negative and positive opinions, we have evaluated most of the available alternatives and have selected the species and treatment processes which, we feel, will give the longest possible service life. See below for the options Lanlee have standardised on.


Traditional Premium Range

Sourced from approved FSC® certified suppliers, our standard PREMIUM fencing timbers are manufactured from mixed conifer species.

As a mass sourced, mass produced product, made from mixed species the various types of timber perform differently to the treatment and, subject to the moisture content, the impregnation of the treatment levels can vary.

These timbers are treated to European legislation Class 4, however, it is important to note that moisture content readings are formed from an average selection.

We have supplied these types of timbers for over 10 years and we are confident they will provide a service life of 5 - 10 years, however, due to the variations in the treatment process we are unable to offer any guarantee on this type of timber.
Market demands and competitive pressures for this type of timber tend to make it price sensitive and, although more than adequate in most situations, to eliminate any doubt as to its longevity or application we would recommend products that carry the "Hazard Class 4 Kiln dried" guarantee.


Hazard Class Use Class, Kiln Dried Redwood (UC4) Treated Timber

UC4 products are manufactured using only redwoods treated at a moisture content of 28% or less. The solution strength of the preservative is significantly higher than standard pressure treatments, and the vacuum/pressure process is longer and more thorough than standard treatment cycles. This allows for much deeper penetration of the preservative into the timber.

Standard non dried pressure treated products have a shorter expected service life, whereas UC4 products that are treated against fungal decay and wood destroying insects have a desired service life of 15 years.

The entire treatment process is quality assured in accordance with ISO 9001 criteria, and regular sampling and analysis ensures treatment standards are maintained at all times. 


Questions and Answers

Below are just some of the regular questions we are asked about our timber products. Simply click on the appropriate question to read the answer.

Should you need more detail than the answers supplied, or have other questions, please contact us on 01282 868204.






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